Very few natural surfaces in today’s environments have the aesthetic benefits of rocks and minerals. Rock is a naturally occurring solid made of minerals and mineral-like substances. These minerals vary making bold and quiet aesthetic statements within the rock.

Lea Ceramiche takes a unique approach to recreating rocks and minerals for your environment. Here are just a few examples of their reinterpreted natural surfaces.

Quartz is one of the most common minerals found on Earth. Quartzite tile brings the feel and natural striations of this mineral rock to interiors. Lea Ceramiche takes quartzite look to a new level for your home. Technoquartz ceramic tile reflects the natural attributes and iridescent colors of quartz in perfectly rectified tile of various modular sizes. The additional benefits of are non-slip, non-absorbent and stain resistant.

Basalt, a rock formed from the rapid cooling of lava, has been used for centuries in architecture and interiors. Lea Ceramiche’s Basaltina Stone Project embraces the natural elegance of stone to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes and requirements. The Basaltina Stone Project is a full body porcelain tile perfectly representing basaltina stone in variation and in color from dark to light grey. Thanks to the different finishes and two textures, the Basaltina Stone Project is ideal for interior and exterior environments.

Marble forms from metamorphosed carbonate rock, most usually limestone. Lea Ceramiche’s ceramic tile Dreaming marble collection translates the beautiful marbles of the Apuan Alps in ceramic tile.  Advanced research in ceramic glazes executed by Lea Ceramiche over the past years has allowed for the development of the Dreaming tile series to achieve a brightness and depth of pattern that rivals the appearance of pure marble. The advances in technology and full HD digital processing developed over the last 2 years have allowed this tile to incorporate several different shade variations and soft tones typical of true Apuan marbles as well as emphasizing the high definition of every detail.

Feldspar is a term used for a very large group of minerals which are extremely abundant on Earth. Feldspars make up more than half of the Earth’s crust. Trace Nuances taken from the earth and markings that recall the Jura stone, inspire and characterize the new Trace collection. Digital technology, always evolving and continuously refined, faithfully reproduces graphic patterns on the material, and gives the surface its precise identity. These aesthetic features are combined with qualities of hardness, sustainability and ease of maintenance; requirements that make the ceramic material a reliable, safe and versatile one.

Trace is a glazed porcelain, available in three colors and in four sizes. It is suitable for flooring and wall coverings in numerous installation solutions. The natural finishing of the textures and the neutral colors give a warm and inviting feel to environments, in a new natural style.

Whether your project calls for Quartz, Basalt, Marble or Feldspar, Lea Ceramiche offers an on-trend solution with the practical advantages found in large slab tile. For more examples, visit the Lea Ceramiche collections page.