Revolutionary Kitchen & Bath Renovation: Install Porcelian Tiles over Any Level Surface

Thinking of renovating your kitchen or bath but just the thought of tearing into the most used spaces in your home stops you? The best solution? Lea Ceramiche thin porcelain tile. Only 3 mm (0.118”) thick, the porcelain tile can be installed over virtually any level surface—existing counter tops, walls, floors and even cupboards! Although […]

The Latest Restaurant Interior Trends: Beauty and Functionality

A restaurant’s design is critical to bringing customers in and coming back. Technomic, Inc., a research and consulting firm servicing the food and foodservice industry, estimates Millennials wield about $1.7 trillion in spending power. This key demographic consistently rates a restaurant’s atmosphere as a central decision point. The latest hot trends with Millennials—casual elegance, open kitchen […]

How a Rainscreen System Keeps the Elements at Bay

When it’s raining and the temperature drops we grab a coat.  In summer, we seek the cooler shadows.  A rainscreen system will do the same for buildings, keep the rain out, insulate and provide shade. The wall cladding system, standing just slightly away from the building façade, creates a ventilation area that can help manage […]

Achieve the Look of Wood Floors without All the Headaches

Wood floors provide the look of elegance, modernity and tradition. In a commercial setting, wood flooring and accent walls bring the warmth, texture and the feel of nature to large open spaces. In smaller spaces, hardwood can both declutter and add visual warmth in the same setting. Amazing. With all the benefits of hardwood what […]

How Tile Can Be Warm and Understated