Kitchen Bath Ease Installation

Thinking of renovating your kitchen or bath but just the thought of tearing into the most used spaces in your home stops you?

The best solution? Lea Ceramiche thin porcelain tile. Only 3 mm (0.118”) thick, the porcelain tile can be installed over virtually any level surface—existing counter tops, walls, floors and even cupboards!

Slimtech Installation

Although it is best to give a few days for setting, the new surface will tolerate light use within 24 hours. No demolition time, dust or mess!

Only 3 mm (0.118”) thick? You might think this tile must be fragile. Slimtech is anything but. Slimtech is a revolution in strength. The laminated porcelain tile has a thin layer of fiberglass applied as a backing. This fiberglass layer provides superior breaking and bending strength, higher impact resistance than standard porcelain tile and helps create a strong adhesive bond.

Installation is no fuss too. In sizes as large as 39” x 118” Slimtech requires fewer grout joints providing a more aesthetic, seamless look. Broken, chipped tiles and frustration of cutting and drilling standard tile is all but eliminated. Slimtech “cuts like butter” using a glass-cutter and/or a standard drill to drill holes all without cracking.

Go ahead, redesign your space. With Slimtech it couldn’t be easier.

Visit our Slimtech catalog to see colors and styles.