How Tile Can Meet Cleanliness Demands in Healthcare Environments

The expectations for flooring in doctor’s offices, dental offices, clinics and hospitals present a unique set of demands. Floors and walls must first be easy to clean in hypersensitive healthcare environments and withstand heavy disinfectant cleaning solutions. Lea Ceramiche meets and exceeds the high performance demand for cleanliness and ease of maintenance with cutting edge […]

How to Transform Healthcare Spaces from Clinical to Livable

Healthcare infrastructures are ageing. Healthcare spaces that worked a few years ago are now out-of-date. Healthcare design is focusing on updating spaces from stark and clinical to warm and inviting as a way to encourage patient healing and welcome visitors. Achieving these desired updates is easy with Slimtech tile. Slimtech is a versatile product that […]

How Nature Can Nurture in Healthcare Design

Within healthcare settings, where events range from simple routine procedures to life-threatening health events, stress levels throughout the building are elevated. Healthcare design can address these stress levels by incorporating nature to help patients, healthcare workers, and visitors reduce stress levels and aid healing. Bringing nature in through gardens and expanses of windows provide a tangible connection […]

4 Ways Healthcare Design Can Welcome Customers

In today’s healthcare environments, successful healthcare design requires meeting the conflicting demands of diverse customers. Caregivers, patients and guests want a “home away from home” atmosphere that is welcoming and comforting. These demands are in conflict with the functional demands of these spaces. Requirements of surgeries, pharmacies, medical offices, even kitchens are exacting and highly […]

Bathrooms as Livable Space

Since the introduction of modern plumbing, bathrooms have been simply places to get clean. Very early, the demands of modern living began pushing into these utilitarian spaces with vanities and countertops. Now the bathroom has gained equal importance to master bedrooms and other private escapes. Homeowners demand both beauty and function in their bathrooms. Lea […]

Cement vs Cement-Look Tile

  Cement Countertops & Floors Cement-look Tile  Concrete counter tops and floors must be sealed to protect from stains, water, heat damage, and bacterial growth.  Many Lea Ceramiche’s tile collections, including their cement-look tile, feature  Microban® antimicrobial technology. Effective in reducing bacterial growth up to 99.9% for the life of the product. Limited color options through […]

Create a Rustic Statement with Bio Recover Tile

aste-makers seem to be embracing rustic charm and warmth with modern amenities. By mixing rustic elements with modern design, you can create more cozy, organic environment in homes, offices and any place you spend time. Want a look that’s more industrial and European? Recovered wood statement walls or floors can evoke a sense of time […]

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