4 Ways Healthcare Design Can Welcome Customers

In today’s healthcare environments, successful healthcare design requires meeting the conflicting demands of diverse customers. Caregivers, patients and guests want a “home away from home” atmosphere that is welcoming and comforting. These demands are in conflict with the functional demands of these spaces. Requirements of surgeries, pharmacies, medical offices, even kitchens are exacting and highly […]

Bathrooms as Livable Space

Since the introduction of modern plumbing, bathrooms have been simply places to get clean. Very early, the demands of modern living began pushing into these utilitarian spaces with vanities and countertops. Now the bathroom has gained equal importance to master bedrooms and other private escapes. Homeowners demand both beauty and function in their bathrooms. Lea […]

Cement vs Cement-Look Tile

  Cement Countertops & Floors Cement-look Tile  Concrete counter tops and floors must be sealed to protect from stains, water, heat damage, and bacterial growth.  Many Lea Ceramiche’s tile collections, including their cement-look tile, feature  Microban® antimicrobial technology. Effective in reducing bacterial growth up to 99.9% for the life of the product. Limited color options through […]

2016 Design Trend: Playful Colors

The trends for 2016 are all over the map. The one thing they all have in common—color. Color in fabrics. Color in clothing, furniture, floors and walls. Varying hues, from deep dark colors to chromatic brights are everywhere this year and well into the future. Pantone, the acknowledged authority on colors has issued nine 2016 […]

2016 Design Trend: Rocks & Minerals

Very few natural surfaces in today’s environments have the aesthetic benefits of rocks and minerals. Rock is a naturally occurring solid made of minerals and mineral-like substances. These minerals vary making bold and quiet aesthetic statements within the rock. Lea Ceramiche takes a unique approach to recreating rocks and minerals for your environment. Here are just […]

2016 Design Trend: Tactile Tiles

3D tile designed to be touched Recently, one of the other 2016 trends we brought up was geometric tile. Geometric shapes and patterns are definitely hot. Just take a quick look around—you’ll see these shapes featured everywhere. We highlighted the bold statement, visual texture, and color that geometric tile can bring to your project. In […]

2016 Design Trend: Sustainable and Practical

Many modern finishes and surfaces promote their sustainability benefit. What exactly makes a surface sustainable? Sustainable products are products that have a capacity to be maintained or sustained over time. In other words, the primary benefit of sustainable products is in taking only what one needs now without impacting the future supply to others. Ceramic […]

Bold Branding With Tile

What exactly is a branded environment? “In architecture and interior design, branded environments extend the experience of an organization’s brand, or distinguishing characteristics as expressed in names, symbols and designs, to the design of interior or exterior physical settings.”  –Wikipedia We experience branded environments on a daily basis and at every level. Architects and designers today are creating […]

2016 Design Trend: Inside Out

Current home designs blur the line between traditional indoor functionality and outdoor spaces. Bringing the inside out turns seldom-used space into outdoor rooms. Think fully functional kitchens, living rooms with televisions and luxury finishes—chandeliers, padded furnishings and tile flooring in wood plank, stone and marble finishes—all outdoors. How about outdoor office environments? According to the USGBC, […]

2016 Design Trend: Tile is Going Geometric

For the New Year, there are several exciting design trends to look forward to.  Over the next few weeks, we are going to share examples of these trends in the real world. Geometric shapes and patterns are definitely a hot trend, inside and out! Designers know that trends are not unique to a design category […]

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