Atlantic Link’s Domestic & Global Reach

Atlantic Link is committed to introducing the finest building materials to the US market from European manufactures, while nurturing a domestic presence. Some of these manufactures, in order to establish products and systems that have been tested in Europe in the US, have benefited from building a presence on US soil.

Atlantic Link’s Sustainability Story

Sustainable design, also called environmental design, is a philosophy of designing with the intent to comply with the principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability. Our clients place a high priority on sustainable design and Atlantic Link is committed to meeting this need. We meet this need by bringing sustainable products to the market and […]

Atlantic Link Product Lines

Atlantic Link is pleased to partner with the finest and most advanced European building materials. Learn more about the Atlantic Link product lines.

Who is Atlantic Link?

Founded in 2000, Atlantic Link is a Manufactures’ Agency committed to introducing and marketing the finest, most advanced Italian and international floor coverings to the US market. Our collections are renowned for offering outstanding characteristics and exceptional value. Our collections can be found in some of the finest commercial and residential projects.